Facing life's challenges can be difficult.  It is made easier when accompanied by a therapist who is accepting, supportive and challenges us to face our vulnerabilities with compassion and courage, while making meaningful changes in our lives and relationships.

I work with individuals to overcome various issues including anxiety, depression, grief, stress, abuse, or trauma, as well as with couples and families to heal the emotional wounds of disconnection in order to rebuild mutual understanding, acceptance, and deeper, lasting connections.  I offer a warm, non-judgmental, relational approach in which you can find strength, confidence, and enduring change.

In a safe, respectful, and accepting relationship, I accompany you as we build your strengths, self-awareness, and heal in meaningful, effective ways.  I carry a deep regard and value your resilience, resourcefulness, dignity, integrity and rights, while considering the interdependence between the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the self.  

Integral to my work are confidentiality, professionalism and respect.  I believe, that by working together, we can gain better understanding, acceptance, and empowerment, yielding more choices, clarity, and connection for you and your relationships. I look forward to joining you through the process.


  • Individual, couple and family therapy

  • Areas of practice include anxiety, depression, relationship problems, separation/divorce, grief